Core Compitencies

Here at Viklar Technologies Limited, we believe that there is an increasing demand for mobile access to live media and information on the move. Our goal is to connect mobile users to the satellite, communications, and Internet services they wish to use while on the go.

We opffer

  • Reliable mobile satellite communications around the globe,
  • Our powerful mini-VSAT Broadband satellite communications service
  • The benefit of strong relationships with other industry leaders, including Microsoft and Inmarsat
  • A commitment to quality customer support through our Certified Support Network (CSN) and international network of skilled technical dealers and support centers.

Quality Statement

VIKLAR TECHNOLOGIES is committed to working with our customers to determine their requirements and define how these needs can best be met and when the job is to be completed. Quality is the measure of how well these requirements are met in a timely manner.


VIKLAR has made a strong commitment to provide a safe work place for its employees and to educate its employees through regular safety meetings. VIKLAR has maintained a good safety record throughout the petrochemical and oilfield industries and has received safety awards for its efforts.

Principal Officers

Chief Executive

Akogwu Sonny

General Manager - Technical

Israel Ekuje

Head Admin/Accounts

Sandra Vincent (Mrs)

Technical Team

Our most important asset is our technicians. They are factory trained and certified on a wide variety of equipment. The technicians have an average of 20 years experience including offshore and overseas work and are the finest team in Nigeria.

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